Ribbon Cable AssembliesElectrical technology has high-flown different processes of our daily life. It is such a vast domain that it incorporate every field within itself. Every business, company and field is intrigued by the efficiency and accuracy provided by digitalization. Digitalization of data collection, Digitalization of procedures, monitoring and advancements are preferred to be carried away in digital domain. The advent in the technology has served in the best way possible. 

Electronic devices has been able to perform at their peak due to the integrated — cutting edge- fabrication technology. Phenomenon conducted by a machine does acknowledge the high-tech machinery behind it, but somehow neglect an essential “integrating” parts of the machines.

Ribbon Cable Assemblies 02Electrical Cable Assemblies

Electrical cables assemblies, wires are actually the essence of a proper operating machine.

In the medical field, electrical signal transmission and medical procedure is conducted side by side. Due to which choosing the right cable assemblies is of paramount importance. Medicals equipment and tools must remain up and operational. There is a wide variety of cable and wires available in their standardized forms.

Ribbon Cable Assemblies 03Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Ribbon—cable assembly, also called as planner cables. It is because of their plane surface and ribbon like structure that the cable assembly is named as “Ribbon Cable”. A ribbon cable is a cable with many conducting wires running parallel to each other on the same flat plane. Ribbon cable is usually used for sending/receiving data signals.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment need medical cable assemblies to work effectively and accurately. The idea behind the introduction of Ribbon cable assemblies in the medical field totally revolutionized the assembly procedures for medical equipment.

Ribbon cable assemblies help to reduce the size of the medical equipment. It empowered a safe and suitable working environment near the premises of medical operations. E.g.

  • Nuclear imaging
  • Ultrasound and ECG testing equipment
  • ICU and CCU monitors
  • Electrosurgical devices
  • Neural simulator leads

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