Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (commonly abbreviated as HFC) network is a telecommunication network cable in which optical coaxial cable and fiber cables  are used in different portions within a  network  to carry out broadband  content (such as voice, video and data). Using Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Cable, a local CATV company installs the fiber optic cable from cable headend (i.e., Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Cabledistribution center) to serving the node ends located to nearby residential and business users and from these nodes uses coaxial cable to individual home and businesses. Some Hybrid Coaxial Cables are also shown in figure. A benefit of HFC Cable is that some of the features of fiber optic cable (with high bandwidth, interference and low noise vulnerability) can be brought close to the consumer without having to change the existing coaxial cable that is deployed all the way to the business and home.

Both telephone and cable TV companies are using Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Cable in new and in their upgraded networks and, in most cases, sharing the similar infrastructure and framework to carry both voice and video conversations in the same system. There are four major reasons why cable TV and telephone companies are upgrading their facilities to Hybrid Fiber Coaxial:

  • Fiber optic cable for the supporting paths allows more information and data to be carried than ordinary coaxial cable alone.
  • The greater bandwidth also provide support for reverse paths to data communication flow back from the user.
  • The portion of the framework with fiber optic cable is more reliable as compared to coaxial cable and reliability is observed as more significant in an interactive environment.
  • Fiber optic cable is very efficient for connecting mobile phone companies and cable TVs that are amalgamating with geographically with other nearby companies.

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