Electronic Cardiogram

ECG EKG Lead WiresIn 1903, first electronic cardiogram was drawn to see heart condition now ECG lead wires are being employed as the typical device in almost all hospitals among hospital personnel. ECG/EKG lead cables are used to display state of heart in the electronic waveform. It is used to establish a fair connection between ECG scanning device and its electrode via lead cable. The main purpose to use ECG/EKG lead wire is to precisely send the electronic signal to a diagnostic tool. As far as the reliability is concerned, ECG/EKG wires are designed to be tenacious and dispensable. Various prospects of a heart are exhibited on ECG device by placing an electrode on different spots over chest, hand, wrists.


ECG EKG Lead Wires 02ECG/EKG cables have the variety of characteristics which are linked to its material with which it is made. A material used in construction describes flexibility of cables. The flexibility of these lead cables is said to be four-time reciprocal to its radius. For instance, a cable will be 70 percent more reliable if its radius is 40 percent. These lead wires can be made more flexible by using lesser gauge-conductors to its assembly because in that case its radius gets incremented. Flexibility is affected by factors such as material, hardness, and diameter of lead wires.

The cover of a cable is made up of such material which is less hard. Compliance and reliability of lead wires are much concerned with the hardness of the material used in an assembly of wires. The most widely used material for the topping of wires is Silicon but owing to its softness it is more prone to damage. Polyvinyl chloride is also being used in its assembly because it is more flexible but having arbitrary performance. Copper and its alloys play important ECG EKG Lead Wires 03part up to some range because these materials have influenced its resilience. However, copper alloys are lesser compliant than the pure form of copper.

Furthermore, in addition to compliance, tensile strength is another blueprint of lead wires. To obtain the higher degree of tensile strength copper and its alloys are utilized in its jacket material.


Hospital personnel can quickly check patient’s condition suffering from heart attack and can immediately treat heart patients by taking basic readings. A market of ECG/EKG cable is developing day by day. Its market is partitioned into dispensable and renewable. Considering its market it is segmented as 1 ECG/EKG lead wire, 3 ECG/EKG lead wires, 5 ECG/EKG lead wires, 12 ECG/EKG lead wires and other 15-18 ECG/EKG lead wires. Its market spread over and all around the world.

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