Wired technology

Wired technology has been round for a while. It first have become famous within the early 1900’s with the creation of the telephone network. Using wired connections spawned the creation of other technology like multiplexing and sonet. Understand that the use of physical wires approach that digital indicators are being transmitted over a metal conductor. Presently, that is the most reliable manner to transmitting/receiving data or voice in the world. The net itself, transmits a big amount of facts via fiber optic cabling but additionally employs a huge quantity of t1/t3 lines that run over preferred copper wiring.

Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi is not surely a new technology. Wi-Fi signals were fist utilized in transmitting am and FM to tv and radios within the early 1950’s. The army has been the usage of “line of sight” micro-wave towers for decades. However, this technology has several troubles.

Following desk mentions comparison between stressed out network and wireless network kinds.




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