What you should know…

Protect wires from Damage

protect-wires-from-damageWire harness keeps cables organized and:

  • Prevents damaged wires from making contact withinPCB
  • Protects wires within theharness
  • Prevents damage from hotcomponents

When a wire has been damaged, it may be difficult to detect or identify. Often, these are caused by various tools and chassis installations. By installing a harness over these wires, you can avoid the chances of that wire to short-circuit onto other components on the circuit board. This improves the PCB functionality.



Armed to the Teeth

armed-to-the-teethA wire harness have an additional layer of protection. Physical damage can be caused by a large diversity of things including screws, clamps, tools used by technicians, fans or other metallic parts. The harness can absorb this hits helping reduce product failures.


The Heat Never bothered me Anyway

the-heat-never-bothered-me-anywayHigh temperatures inside electronic devices can cause damage to wiring. This is often caused by hot metals operating as dissipater or simply because a heated component not working properly rises in temperature and melts the plastic insulation of wires coating. To prevent damaged wires to short-circuit or grounding on unexpected places, a harness with a proper tube isolation is used to protect the device.




Improve Air Flow

A wire harness improves the airflow within the container optimizing heat dissipation. Heat is one of the most harming causes in electronic hardware, thus it is critically important to cool the device in a proper way, making it more efficient and useful. Usually to prevent excessive heat delivered to components attached to the PCB, fans are installed alongside that allow fast cooling to the whole device.



wiring-harness-vs-heatWiring Harness VS Heat

Having a minimum degree of air flow is vital to get rid of heat. With or without vents or fans, to prevent a device from overheating a path towards outside is needed. Often times, inside the casing, wires obstruct that air from escaping efficiently. Wire harness helps the flow of air improving cooling and making vent installations more effective.


united-we-stand-divided-we-fallUnited we stand, divided we fall

The harness contains all cables in a single assembly which reduces the obstruction of the same airflow within the unit . This assembly behaves as a single large cable can be easily and safely moved out of the way . This reduces the overall heat within the casing creating more space and order at the same time.




Dust in the Wind

Dust is another “public enemy number one” to electronics. It gets quickly inside of the unit and contributes to reduce its lifespan. The dust collected through time over the PCB components creates a layer which acts like an isolated coating that leads to heat dissipating problems. After some time, heat becomes concentrated over a particular component which fails in the long run, sometimes, being the cause of the entire PCB failure. Proper airflow due to wire harnesses makes it difficult for the dust to settle onto PCB components.


Prevent Personal Injury

Harnesses are a good practice for preventing personal injury and damage on an electronic device. Although may be the best option is to eliminate switch power completely off while working on a project, there is still a chance that it could be required for a prevent-personal-injuryparticular task. Wiring harness helps taking measures regarding risks of electrical shock where large amount of current is used, improving people safety. Moreover, it is advisable to use additional protection to meet desirable high standards:

  • Electrically isolatedtoolsrisk-of-electric-shock
  • Reduce StaticDischarge
  • Tidy & Cleanworkplace




static-dischargeStatic Discharge

PCB s can be damaged by any amount of static electricity. Charges floating around in our body are passed on to an electronic device can ultimately, induce fatal currents. Limiting body contact with chassis and internal components will reduce the risk of electrostatic damage. In cases where touching parts of the electronic circuit, chassis or PCB becomes impossible to avoid, it is recommendable wearing a static bracelet.




Clean & Tidy

If there is a collection of wires, scattered through the chassis, working on a circuit can become a difficult and dangerous task, clean-tidyespecially with the presence of electric voltage. Having the cables contained within a harness will make things much easier. Repairing and troubleshooting force technicians to be Clean & Tidy, reducing the risk for them as well as the electronic device. The more organized the workplace, the easier it is to perform maintenance and avoid damage or injuries.




But wait! There is more…

  • Color identification for group ofwires
  • Isolating connections for specific functions on thePCB
  • Collect & Maintain power distributionwiresfavorite-color

Favorite Color

Harnesses come in a variety of colors, so one can take advantage of this assigning specific colors to particular functions. For instance, we could use color red to identify power distribution, while data transfer cables could be represented by white. Using this type identification helps maintaining order and visualization of specific functions in the system.


im-special-to-pcbI’m special to PCB

In many cases, specific functions need a particular set of wires from the entire harness. This could be the case of connecting USB wires to circuit board. USB can use several individual wires for a relevant operation. A harness is used to isolate the wires that develop this specific function. As usual, USB connectors are given within a single plastic cable, nonetheless it is possible to combine wires in such a way that it might be beneficial to the project.


The Power of Love (I mean Wires)

It may be the case that your project does not include any datathe-power-of-love-i-mean-wires transmission circuit. However, the distribution of energy can be an essential part for proper operation. Most commonly, it is of prime importance to have power cable assemblies dedicated to a specific function separately. Depending on project design, it is always advisable to have isolated the bundles of power the-power-of-love-i-mean-wires-02cables for specific applications, thus accelerating identification and making all tasks easier.





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