Wire harness and looms means a group of wires and cables which are assembled to transmit electrical and power signals. Harness means a set of straps, cable ties, or any such material to bind the group of wires together. Wire harness and looms provide an extensive care to the set of wires inside the cable assembly.

Advantages of Wire harness and looms

  • Wire Harness and LoomsWire harness and looms provides a lot of advantages when it comes to making the wire secure from environmental changes. Because in wire harness and looms, all the wires are arranged in an assembled form so it helps the wires to prevent from being damaged
  • It helps to keep the wires and connectors intact when the wire is being harnessed. Because the wires are clamped together there are no possibilities of any fluctuations.
  • Wire harness and looms makes the cable wires less prone to the temperature changes. Also, it protects the cables from being affected by moisture, heat, dirt and sand.

Types of Wire harness and looms

Following are the three basic wire harness and looms types.

  • Standard Expandable SleevingWire Harness and Looms 02

This standard expandable sleeving is the first type of wire harness and looms. It is made up of nylon and it splits making it a sliding movement. But it is usually available as low-quality material because the harnessing this loom provides split sleeving. It does enhance the flexibility feature but it tends to come off the wire too often making it more prone to environmental damages.

  • Fiberglass Sleeving

Adding fiberglass in wire harnessing and looms make it more solid. Fiberglass increases the capability of the sleeving by making it high heat resistant and there is no splitting in the sleeving. It makes it easier to sustain. But if the wires which are being harnessed and loomed inside this fiberglass contains stranded wires containing more than 2-3 strands then because the wire harness is closely packed. There is no room for heat to dissipate easily and the wires starts to heat up.

  • Weatherproof SleevingWire Harness and Looms 03

This is the best quality of wire harness and looms. It provides the luxury of being fully weatherproof and fireproof. It is neither affected by water or by fire making it flawless. People who do no compromise at quality chooses this type of sleeving for wire harnessing and looming.


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