In the medical device industry, there is a much smaller margin of error that can be tolerated than in most other industries. What typically may work well and be economical in non-medical applications can create a myriad of situations that can become problematic in the medical industry. Medical devices are highly precise and sensitive instruments.

Significance of medical cables

Wire Harness and LoomsAs such, medical bio-connect cable, and more significantly, the material used in such apparatuses must be carefully chosen to perform under a unique set of considerations that are often significantly more constricting than standard, off-the-shelf cable products. Therefore, the design of medical interconnect cables is a rather specialized science that requires specific engineering expertise. This expertise ensures that developing and fabricating such interconnect devices means that they meet exacting standards, under often less than ideal conditions.

Wiring Harness

Wire Harness and Looms 02A wiring harness is an organized set of wires, terminals and connectors that run throughout the entire system providing information of electric power, thereby playing a critical role in “connecting” a variety of components. Distribution of power and data signals in this network is much like the circulatory and central nervous systems of the human body.

Wiring Harness Components

Following are the essential components which are used apart from the wires used in making harnesses. A close look at a typical wiring harness will reveal a network of electric wires, connectors, terminals, clamps, tape, convoluted tubes, and sheaths.

  • Electrical WiresWire Harness and Looms 03

There are many different types of wire used in a wiring harness. Some varieties are more flexible, more heat resistant or colder resistant and others can be smaller for easier routing or larger for products requiring more current.

  • Connectors

In their role of connecting wires and cables, connectors must function in environments with extreme temperature variations, vibrations, water, electromagnetic interference, and other conditions. 

  • Terminals

Terminals are the current-carrying connection points between the wires and the features in the medical equipment.

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