The advent of 21st century has brought many gifts including new technologies that felt like blessings in the beginning but have exposed us to challenges such as infrastructure upgrades and training at new levels. Modern era is of data transfer, deliverance of which is the heart of modern day technology. Everyone is connected to everyone and everything. However, this connection superficially seeming wireless, is dependent upon great degrees of data transfer equipment, and electrical and electronic hardware connections. These connections have primarily existed throughout the history in the form of wires, and is still consisting on the same. Only the genre and quality of wires and wire assemblies have changed.

The changes in wiring systems and assemblies have significant advantages in terms of safety and utility. Wires used to be long and entangled network. Now, manufacturers of cabling systems have integrated such complex network into simple and manageable modular assemblies that are easy to manage. They can be identified and marked, and thus be connected and disconnected without discern. Major applications are in car wiring and computer systems. Such cable assemblies also come in packages that are bought, replaced, connected and used as an easily recognizable system of connections that present great utility when any problem occurs and the need for replacement or maintenance arises. Such ease is even more useful if the whole system is inherently congested and complex.

Car audio systems and personal computing systems are the most common examples where wire assemblies are recognizable, but the applications of such assemblies astonish us when they are seen in complex aerospace structures, in the form of conventional and fiber-optic designs. The space flights require extreme conditions (both pressure and temperature) and gravitational variations require their designs to be robust, yet the wonders of electrical engineering, the cable assemblies have yet been able to survive in such conditions.

Only some of the concerns mainly related to signal interruption exists, because the assemblies carry multiple “source-signal” and “victim-signal” wires that may interrupt each other. But this too, is expected to be overcome by few quality upgrades and technical modifications that are part and parcel of technological advancements due with time. Initial hesitation observed was of the costs entailed with the assemblies, but this factor too has been reduced due to normal wiring system rates. Thanks to greater production rates and development of relevant industry. And the last but not the least, wire assemblies such as coaxial harness and RF cables being easy to handle and well shielded, have increased the factor of safety by reducing physical efforts and increasing comprehension about such hardware.

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Figure 1: Data cables                                                  Figure 2: RF cables



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