UTP CableTwisted Pair Cables are the most commonly used cabling. These twisted cables come in two major types which are Shielded-Twisted pair cables and Unshielded-Twisted pair cables. The Shielded-Twisted pair cables are those cables in which the cable/wires are wrapped in foil individually first and then again wrapping the wires collectively for double protection. But in the case of unshielded-Twisted Pair cables also known as UTP cable, each pair is twisted together and encapsulated inside a tube-like covering but no further protection apart from insulation is provided. So, the wire individually and collectively remains unshielded.

UTP Cable 02Cables without twisted pairs cannot cater with the generated electromagnetic interference. During the transmission of electromagnetic signal the conductor release power losses which affects signal attenuation. To reduce these losses, instead of using single conductor among the electric cables, unshielded twisted pair cable is used. These twisted pair cables come in multiple pairs in which each wire is differently color coded. Mostly, the UTP Cables are used in household applications, in networking, telecommunications, and computer industry because it is comparatively cheaper than coaxial cable. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the UTP Cables.

AdvantagesUTP Cable 03

  • UTP cables are less expensive than STP cables. These cables are affordable and easily dispensable.
  • These UTP cables have .43 cm diameter which makes them shape easily into smaller and longer cable lengths.
  • Because of its diameter does not fill the wiring ducts.
  • Majorly, UTP cables are used in networking and Ethernet cabling equipment.


  • UTP cables are affected by radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference.
  • They are more prone to electrical noise relative to other forms of cables.
  • These cables must not be used to transfer power to electric motors and fluorescent
  • UTP cables are not good for long distance networking.


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