Ultrasound cables are subject to high requirements in terms of image resolution and mobility. Our cables and cable systems present new possibilities for user-friendly flexibility and miniaturization. On the one hand, they boast very good EMC properties as well as a high degree of flexibility and, on the other hand, a small diameter and a long cable life.

Cable assembliesUltrasound Cables

Cable assemblies also deliver high signal quality using true coax in acoustic applications where cross talk, bandwidth and attenuation affect performance. Cable-to-system connectors must reliably withstand thousands of use cycles while maintaining electrical performance. Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors from TE help you meet this challenge from standard solutions to high-density requirements.

Ultrasound cable

Ultrasound Cables 02Ultrasound cable an optimized surface with a pleasant feel and in eliminating the often unwanted stick-slip effect. In a single operation, a non-crosslinked cable jacket is first refined in a formulation and thereafter crosslinked. This creates a cable surface that maintains all the properties of the material silicone and simultaneously improves its feel. Optional markings can be applied in an additional operation and will withstand more than 500 sterilization cycles in an autoclave.

Ultrasound, ECG or instrument cables for invasive or minimally invasive diagnostic investigations and therapeutic treatments or cables used for patient-monitoring systems – no other plastic as a cable jacket offers comparable advantages for medical users and patients: extreme flexibility in all directions, skin tolerance, biocompatibility and autoclavability with temperature resistance of up to 143°C.


Ultrasound Cables 03When it comes to the development of mobile or portable ultrasound devices with stringent requirements in terms of image resolution and mobility, we can support you with our cables and cable systems, showing you new opportunities for user-friendly mobility and miniaturization. The types of wire and cable assemblies needed for manufacturing ultrasound machines are vitally important since doctors completely rely on their equipment being up to par so as to properly diagnose patients.

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