Surgical Fiber Optics ProbesMedical applications and apparatus cannot allow the high electrical interference to affect the patient body. The influence of electromagnetic field must remain isolated from the system. It can create harmful effect for both the patient and the environment in which it is installed.

In order to decrease the electromagnetic effect, there must a limit on the electrical interference such that it does not affect the sensitive medical devices. The high voltage displays must not be part of the medical imaging machines. This sets the parameters for electrical cables installed within or near the system. The electrical cables needs to be small, adjustable and be able to have minimal electromagnetic influence.

Fiber Optics Cables

To encounter this problem, it is better that the machines should use fiber optics instead of using electrical cables. Fiber optic cables are made of glass, they isolate displays from medical imaging devices, are small enough to fit inside of mounting booms, and emit no electrical signals that could affect other equipment. Fiber optics cables also provides the accuracy and precision required in the measuring instruments.Surgical Fiber Optics Probes 02

Construction of Fiber Optics Cable

Fiber optics cable is actually a combination of tiny strands of glass ranging from two to even thousands of strands. These strands are tightly packed inside the fiber and is the reason that fiber is more delicate as compared to copper/aluminum based electrical cables. But the high speed and data transmission that fiber optics cable provides is unparalleled to electrical cables. Fiber optics cables is available in single and multiple modes depending on the specifications requirement.

Surgical Probes and Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Surgical Fiber Optics Probes 03Surgical Probes using the fiber optics cables started their manufacturing recently. The idea is to enhance the measuring instrument capacity. Fiber Bragg grating sensors are mounted on the tip of an intra-aortic catheter that also serves as a laser-ablation delivery probe for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The FBGs detect the force exerted against the heart wall by the stress induced on them.

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