Modern telephone lines can share voice and data together. Pre digital quad telephone wiring in houses is unable to handle communications needs for multiple phone lines, Internet service, video communications, data transmission etc. while Crosstalk, inaudible signals, static interference, and interrupted service are common problems with old-fashioned wiring. Computers connected to outdated communications wiring frequently experience poor Internet performance.

Structured wiring is the universal term for 21st century On Premises wiring for high capacity video, telephone, security and data transmission, entertainment system and control. Installations generally include a chief distribution panel where all connections are made with outlets dedicated connections for data, TV, phone, and audio jacks.

Structured wiring allows computers to communicate with each other free of error and at high speeds while resisting interference among various electrical sources. Computers within a network are able to share high speed Internet connections instantaneously. Structured wiring can also connect computers with scanners, printers, fax machines, telephones, and even home security systems and entertainment equipment.

Structured WiringStructured wiring races with wireless systems in homes. While wireless systems positively have suitability advantages because they also have drawbacks over copper wired systems; the greater bandwidth of systems using Cat 5e wiring normally support more than ten times the speeds of wireless systems to deliver faster data and extra channels for video applications. Instead, wireless systems are a big security risk as transmit sensitive information is transmitted to unintended users over same receiving devices. Wireless systems are more susceptible to intervention from other systems and devices, which can affect performance. Some geographic areas and buildings may be not be suitable for wireless installations due to signal to noise ratio losses.

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