standard-cablesStarting from the word ‘cable’, A cable is a flexible tension with the addition to a strengthening material which includes the conductor enclosed in its structure. This conductor has the ability to transmit power and/or signals. Cables have the required flexibility to transmit loads to remote locations and have the strength to overcome any environmental hazards.

Custom Cables                                                                                                              

standard-cables-03Sometimes, the cables do not meet the requirements of the user design. That means that even the standard cables which do contain the factor of transmitting power or signal from one place to another do not fulfill the requirements of the user design. So, in that case, the user demand for a customized cable that is where custom cables are produced.

Mostly, the custom cables are designed because of the unavailability of the connector. Many cases are there when there is need of power transmission and signal transmission simultaneously within the same cable. Because this is a rare case, the custom cables are specifically designed for a certain task and design. Custom cables are most expensive than the standard cables but they need to meet the requirements of the user only.

Standard Cables

standard-cables-02Cables have a different specification and different requirements depending upon its use. Mostly, the cables can be classified as either power cable or signal transmitting cable. The power cable is actually the cable that has the strength and flexibility to transmit power from one place to another. Mostly, the cable used in such cases undergoes high power transmission.

Similarly, in order to transmit signals rather than power the integrity of the signal becomes a paramount importance. So, for that, the cable must contain less noise and insertion losses. The cables after being characterized into two major categories are then produced in bulk. The cables having such standards are called as standard cables. Standard cables production is higher than custom cables because they are less expensive and does not have any compatibility issue. 


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