Group of wires or cables arranged in such a way so as they make a single unit is termed as cable assembly, used to transmit power or information signals and provide power to various individual cables, called Cable Assembly.

Spiral cable is simply a coil of wires in a doughnut shaped container that provides connection to airbag to the car’s electronics. It connects electrical circuits in the steering column to components located in the steering wheel that include steering wheel controls, a horn switch, and the airbag assembly. Spiral cable allow the steering wheel to rotate while keeping the electrical connections for the steering wheel components. 

Steering column assembly in some cars have spiral cable assembly by means of electrical connections to the driver’s airbag module that could be damaged when the steering wheel is turned. If it happens, air bag warning lamp will illuminate. The clock spring or spiral cable in vehicles, is a device which can carry electrical signals to and from devices attached with steering wheel. It also serves as steering angle sensor. Additionally, the driver’s air bag could become switched off, causing it to not deploy in the event of a crash which results in increase the risk of injury to the driver. Following diagram show spiral cable assembly with steering wheel, connection of air bag module and complete inner circuit of connectivity in vehicle.

Spiral Cable Assembly

Nearly the all sectors have need to use the spiral cable assembly. Regardless of the communication or automotive industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering, or in the lighting industry, spiral cable has applications in each place. In addition to electrical and mechanical benefits, spiral cables is best solution in many scenarios. Three main types of spiral cable are:

PVC Spiral Cable: high economy, low mechanical and chemical resistance and suitable for light industry and computers

PUR Spiral Cable: good elastic force, excellent mechanical and chemical properties and suitable for machinery and power tools

PUR Shielded Spiral Cable: very good chemical properties, resistant to EMI and used for medical, semiconductor chips and Nano Technology.

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