Sometimes the use of standard cables become limited in its specification to meet the requirements and the parameters set by the application. Due to which engineers have to design cabling which must meet the essential requirements to keep the applications in the best working condition. This type of cabling is called specialty cabling. Specialty cables are mostly used in the areas which are found to be hazardous which could include fire hazards, critical circuits, a place of installation where special capabilities are demanded.

Mostly, there are standard cables or custom designed cables which might be feasible to use in the above conditions. But when the need is not just to provide a cabling connection but to provide a connection in extremely harsh condition then specialty cabling is used. Following are some of its applications.

     1) Fire- Resistive CableSpecialty Cabling

Places like hire-rise building, hospitals, airports, subways, tunnels. All of these places only demand one requirement that whenever there is any harsh situation, or whenever the fire breaks out, fire-resistive cabling keeps the circuits operational and smoke-free.

It is a demanding situation where one must use fire-resistive cabling to power the alarms, fire-fighting systems, elevators and things that should remain intact and functional just to eliminate the damage a situation like that could offer. There are two basic cable types which could be considered for various applications.

        Mineral Insulated CableSpecialty Cabling 02

Mineral Insulated Cable is an inorganic insulation of magnesium oxide which makes it smokeless and highly effective. The magnesium oxide insulation is followed by copper conductors and copper sheath. The material has the tendency to remain intact and keep the system operations even at the range of 1000C. Mineral Insulated Cable remain stable and intact even after remaining exposed to fire for two hours.

       Polymer Insulated Cable

Specialty Cabling 03Polymer Insulated Cable is a multitude of fire-resistive, circuit integrity cable only manufactured for specific applications. It is mostly used to keep the critical circuit connected in case of fire. 

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