Special CableAdvancements in Medical technology

Medical technology had certainly reduced the risk involved in surgery and enhanced monitoring patient situation in a precise manner. Medical technology is a composed word that involves many applications. Most prominent applications which are being used in abundance is electrosurgery and medical monitoring systems.

Role of Medical Sensors

Special Cable 02Electrosurgery is a process of carrying surgery using electronic applications. Electronic scalpels are used to make precise cuts and limited blood loss. Medical sensors plays a very vital role in displaying and monitoring the data collected by examining human body. SpO2 sensors measure the amount of oxygen present in the blood. It shows the ratio of oxygen saturated in blood.

Special Cable Applications

Special cable is actually those set of cables designed specifically to fulfill high requirements. Fulfilling the requirements regarding performance and durability and sustaining the system in the best possible condition. Following are the different systems used in medical technology.

  • Surgery robot systems have the demand of high mechanic requirements along with bending movements. These robot systems demand cables having torsion and tension both capabilities.
  • Dental technology extends from being flexible to being torsional stress in swivel arms. These special cables are highest in demand.
  • Sterilization and disinfection systems needs cables that can sustain constant temperature measurements.
  • Special Cable 03Imaging systems for medical diagnostics needs to transfer rays on a constant speed and reliable connections is its basic need. It needs to send data and then be able to maintain that at high at a constant rate, it mostly need special cables designed to maintain a hybrid connection.
  • Electrosurgical systems whether if they require monopolar or bipolar applications. They need absolute precision as most of its applications perform incisive surgeries cannot afford to lose control due to signal conditioning.
  • Electrotherapy devices immensely require customization in their cable assemblies. Special cables can be customer-specific designed and manufactured.
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