In case of energy sustainability, only sources of renewable energy could be something concrete to look forward to for a reliable source of energy. Fossil fuels does have serve us very well; but obviously one cannot stick to the same source when we do understand that it is depreciating with the passage of time. Quest for alternative source of energy can never end. The leading reliable alternative sources of energy are hydroelectric, solar and wind and many other which are still under research.

Energy CablesSolar Cable Wind Turbine Cable

However, to use these alternate energy sources one should be able to make full use of them. The technical line of energy cables provides a wide variety of reliable solutions for alternative power generation including wind, hydro, solar and other renewable energy applications. Green energy cables, these solar cables, wind farm cables, and other environmentally friendly cable options are designed to perform to the highest standards in environmentally friendly cable applications.

Solar CablesSolar Cable Wind Turbine Cable 02

Solar cables are part of our green energy cable inventory. Solar cables such as Photovoltaic Wire (PV Wire) and USE-2 Solar Cables are used as wiring for solar panels and photovoltaic arrays. Solar cables may also be used with underground service entrances and to connect solar cable service terminals. USE-2 solar cables are crush and impact resistant, but PV Wire has thicker insulation and jacketing, and is more sunlight, ozone, and UV resistant. PV Wire is also more flame resistant and more flexible at low temperatures than USE-2.

Wind Cables

Solar Cable Wind Turbine Cable 03Wind farm cables are green energy cables used in wind turbine cable applications. All of wind cables are rated WTTC cable. Wind cables are designed to endure challenging wind farm cable environments. Wind cables are flexible and easy to install. Wind cables are also resistant to oils, chemicals, fuels, solvents, and abrasion. As environmentally friendly cables, wind cables are recyclable.

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