Snake CableAudio snakes are used to bound the length in which carry signals to its final destination (generally a soundboard). Audio snakes are usually the lengthiest piece of cabling that a church will need. They are great because all of your outputs and inputs can be plugged into this. Audio snakes are long cables that run from your stage to your soundboard. They support all of the instruments and vocals to be plugged into one signal cable and also control the quantity of cables going to and from the soundboard. For churches that rent out space, such as; gymnasiums or halls, having an audio snake will bring a lot of liberty for the distance and placement of the soundboard and will make for an easy setup and take down.

Benefits and Cost of Snake Cable

There are several benefits of having a snake in a church setting; the lack of cabling running to and from your mixer, the stepping and damaging of running cables. There is nothing worse than having a mess of cables going to your soundboard. A snake will limit that problem and keep a nice, clean area around both; the soundboard and the stage. Snakes have a numbering system on both ends.

Depending on the length and number of channels your church needs are; will depict the cost. The approximate length that should be considered for audio snakes is around 100 feet, with at least 16 channels. This will start around $800-$1200. Planning your church’s future, where it wants to go, is important before purchasing your snake. If your church, within a year, wants to expand and have more functions to its audio system; with a snake that is now limited in size is a problem.

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