SMA ConnectorSMA (Sub Miniature form A) connectors are semi-exactness coaxial RF connectors created in the 1960s as a small connector interface for coaxial link with a screw-type coupling component. The connector has a 50 Ω impedance. SMA is intended for use from DC to 18 GHz, yet is most generally utilized for hand-held radio and cell phone reception apparatuses, and all the more as of late with WiFi receiving Antenna frameworks and USB programming characterized radio dongles. It is additionally regularly utilized as a part of radio cosmology, especially at higher frequencies (5GHz or more).

SMA connectors can be usually mistaken for the standard family unit 75 Ohm for type-F coax connector (distances across: Male 11 mm roundabout or hex; female 9.5 mm outside strings), as there is just around a 2 mm distinction by and large in the particulars. Sort F can’t be mated with SMA connectors without the utilization of a connector.

For Stage Array Radar, test gear, ILS landing frameworks and other instrumentation utilizing stage coordinating procedures, SMA interconnects offer an exact and straightforward methods for stage alteration for microwave gadgets. Worked as per MIL C-39012 and CECC 22110/111, SMA connectors can be easily mated with all connectors that meet these detail mating breadths paying little heed to maker.

Special Features and Benefits:

  • Light weight, minimized and vibration evidence design and outline
  • Low cost business review (Brass SMA) accessible in nickel or gold plating
  • Terminates to all standard adaptable coaxial cables, low-misfortune (LMR) type links and industry standard semi-unbending and similar cables


  • Wireless Communication. i.e. Base Stations, Antennas
  • Telecommunications and Networks
  • Instrumentation and Measurements
  • Personal Computers and Local Area Network

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