Cable Systems use Radio Frequency Signals transmitted through cables to provide television and data services to consumers. Normally, the Radio Frequency signals do not cause interference when cable systems fulfill with FCC rules for limiting signal distortion and interference. In some occasions, however, cable signals can “Leak”. Cable signal leakage occur when the Radio Frequency signal transmitted within a cable system are not appropriately contained within the cable plant. Signal leakage can be caused by some loose connectors, cracked or unterminated cable and damaged plant.

Signal LeakageCables in television systems and licensed over the air broadcasters, use many of the identical frequencies to transmit signals for their programming purposes. Mostly cable systems use radio, TV and Aeronautical radio channels along with others within their cable plants. Cable operators are mainly considered the subordinate users of these frequencies. Therefore they should not cause interference with the licensed over the air users who are the primary (protected) users of these frequency usage.

Signal leakage can cause interference with any of the over the air services or telephony that are using the similar frequencies as the cable operator which lies within the neighborhood of the signals. This interference, particularly on the some emergency channels, can cause interfere with the communications of airplane pilots and safety personals which can endanger the lives or can cause the rescue efforts of safety personnel. This Leakage can be reduced by apply proper filter or either know the location of the interference of leakage for remedy.

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