Cable Assemblies can have many different characteristics depending on their shape, size, and orientations. But sometimes, cable assemblies have to combine in proportions. This improvisation could actually have referred to as a process named as ‘doping’. Semi-Flex Coaxial Cable AssembliesEven in doping, some impurities are added to the composition of the compound to enhance its physical and chemical properties. In a similar way, some amendments are also done in the manufacturing of Coaxial Cable Assemblies to make them different from the standard Coaxial cable assemblies.

Semi-Flex Coaxial Cable Assemblies are another type of Cable Assemblies having the ability to be rigid and flexible at the same time. The cables actually comprise of similar electrical performance relative to semi-rigid cable assemblies but enhance the ease of installation even in the very difficult installation places. One of their key features is that these semi-flex coaxial cable assemblies are hand-formable. The outer conductor is actually made by tin. Tin has the tendency to get bent without the use of any particular tools. The inner layer of copper along with Semi-dielectric and center conductor enhance the wiring capability and make it more sustainable.

Difference between Semi-flex and Flat Flexible Cable AssembliesSemi-Flex Coaxial Cable Assemblies 02    

Semi-Flex Cables

Semi-Flex Cables are not manufactured for high power transmission and are also not compatible for signal transmission over large distances. It can only transmit the signals having a frequency range to some GHz.

Flat Flexible Cable

Flexible Cable definitely consists of a metal inner conductor, a flexible cable involves a single conductor insulated inside a plastic and shielded with the dielectric medium. Microwave signal transmission is preferred using flexible cable. It offers very less Semi-Flex Coaxial Cable Assemblies 03attenuation factor due to which the major emphasis is on the signal integrity. Most electronics systems using flexible cables are actually just looking for good signal strength rather than power transmission.


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