The SDR connector uses a ribbon contact system with a 0.8 mm contact pitch. The SDR low-profile, polarized, board-mount connectors are constructed of high temperature plastic bodies with 30 micron gold contacts, stamped metal EMI/ESD interface, and come with installed jack sockets and supporting board-mounting hardware. The installed jack socket is equipped to support the corresponding assembly thumbscrew interface. SDR board-mount products are offered in a selection of both vertical and right angle RoHS compliant PTH and SMT attachments.

A round Gray type 2 M Straight/Vertical SDR cable has the following features:SDR Cable Assembly

  • Carries power in addition to signal to enable use in base configuration PoCL applications.
  • Connects to mini-CL style (SDR) I/O ports on both PoCL camera and PoCL frame grabber.
  • Both straight and right angle cable exit available.
  • Three shielded quads and six unshielded twisted pairs.
  • Entire cable bundle shielded with foil and braid for additional signal protection.
  • Rugged ribbon type contact for reliable, repeatable connectivity.
  • Thumbscrew retention.

A round Beige type 2 M Right Angle SDR cable has the following features:SDR Cable Assembly 02

  • Supports AIA Industrial CL standard for mini- CL camera to frame grabber applications.
  • 11 shielded, twisted, twinax pairs with four drain wires.
  • Double overall shield with inner foil and outer braid.
  • Rugged ribbon contact type.
  • Rugged thumbscrew retention.
  • EMI shielded overmolded junction shell.

These cables are proven quality high flex life cables with ultra low noise/BER Camera Link Cable Assemblies. Availability at High Frequency version to reduce or if needed to eliminate the repeater requirements.

Operating Temperature ranges are 0-70’C with Voltage and current ratings at 30V and 0.5 A respectively. The insulation resistance is 1 x 108 ohm min at 100 Vdc and the maximum withstanding voltage is 125 Vac RMS for 1 min.

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