Electrical cables are present in different sizes and shapes. The need to manufacture a same element with different parameters and design shows its demand in market. Electrical cable has successfully became the most prominent item of power and data transmission using electrical signals. Transmission of the electrical signals from one place to another with minimum attenuation is of paramount importance.

Cable assemblies have many different shapes. However, there are two shapes which are most likely to be considered in the market. The most abundantly available cable assemblies are round in shape, used in power transmission, referred to as round cable assemblies.


Round Cable AssembliesRound cables feature insulated wires in a bundle which is surrounded by several layers of other material. The bundle is usually wrapped in either a textile material or a polymer chosen to minimize frictional heating as the cable moves. A PVC jacket surrounds these layers. In shielded cables, there is an additional set of layers consisting of another low-friction wrap, braided copper, and an overall jacket of PVC or other material selected for abrasion resistance.


Round Cable Assemblies 02Round Cables applications are available in almost every domain. It is present in medical equipment, industrial automation, telecommunication and networking. Many fields have been able to enhance their accuracy and compatibility due to the availability of round cable assemblies.

Round Cables are engineered to perform reliably in a variety of automation applications, including:

  • handheld industrial tools
  • material handling/cranes
  • nuclear power and waste processing
  • wafer manufacturing/handling

Round Cable Assemblies 03Demerits in round cables assemblies

One of the major demerit of round cable assemblies is that these cable assemblies used multiple layers of insulation. Now, these multiple layers insulation increases the friction when the cable installation requires multiple round loops. So, this increases the overall resistance of the round cable assemblies compared to flexible and flat cable assemblies.

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