Round and Flat CablesThese days’ flat cables are getting more popular as compared to the round cables because of their features and benefits. Flat cables have an improved and innovative design and now they are a better substitute for the round cables. Even the flat cables have been in use for more than 60 years and they are being used for interconnecting the peripherals of the electronic equipment. They offer a flexible, compact, reliable, and safe-saving option for wiring. The flat cables are also more durable than the round cables and can be used in various different styles if the space is confined.

Flat vs. round cables:

The flat and round cables differ from each other in various different regards. However, it will depend on the task or the setup for which the cables are required as this will determine whether round or flat cables are needed. Following are some factors that make them different from each other:


Round and flat cables are used for different applications. Round cables are mostly used in industrial applications such as for manufacturing. Round cables are thus an ideal choice for industry owners and production facilities. Flat cables are a popular choice for electronic equipment such as computers, CD-drives, medical machines, and others.


The external EMI protection of the flat cables is lesser than the round cables as the overall shield can’t hold a flat surface. However, other performance factors such as crosstalk, attenuation, impedance, and current carrying strength is much better in the flat cables. Flat cables can be used for delivering good performance in confined spaces such as electronic equipment and small electrical projects.


The round cables are designed to withstand the rigors of the electrical environment because they are to be used in extreme working conditions. Mostly the PVCs and PTFEs are used in the round cables and they maintain their flexibility even when the environment is harsh. Flat cables are also made to withstand the rigors of the environment and most of them are extruded with silicone to make them durable and sturdy.


Flat cables are more compact as compared to the round cables and they save much space than them too. Though round cables are designed to fit in the smallest cross-sectional area, they are not a good option for narrow or flat spaces. This is where the flat cables come in as they can easily fit into narrow and flat spaces because of their compactness.

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