A robot is a machine that can perform series of actions automatically, or instructed by the instructions fed by computer. A medical report actually perform tasks related to medical sciences. It could be used in many different aspects of medical field e.g. surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, biorobots, telepresence robots, pharmacy automation and disinfection robots. The basic idea behind the operations of these robots is mostly the same. A remote manipulator is used, which allows a hand-like mechanism to be controlled by a human operator. So, the master is actually a human but the operation is carried out using a robot.

Surgical robots is one of the most important medical robotic systems, in this system the surgery is assisted robotically. In these robotic systems, instead of directly moving the instrument the surgeon uses different methods to control the instruments. Either it is controlled using a telemanipulator or the instructions are being fed by computer control. However, in both the cases, the integration of the system with its parts is of utmost importance to perform the whole surgery operation safe and sound. Electrical cables that are used in medical robotic systems make it possible for the system to work around properly.

Following is the lists of cables used in medical robotic systems:-Robotic Systems

     1) Robotic Cables

Robotic Cables have the ability to withstand high mechanical stress. Mostly, the robot has to take precise movements and regarding of this fact, the robot cables are tested to performance and resistance.

     2) Bus CablesRobotic Systems 02

In a computer terminology, a bus is something which carries the system information in the form of a signal and place it from one point to another within the machine. Same is the function provided by using bus cables.

     3) Sensor Cables

Robotic Systems 03Different types of sensors are used in the medical robotic systems which are measuring the temperature, proximity and different aspects of medical field during surgery. So, cables specially designed for sensor are used.

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