ribbon-cables-02Cables are known to be an accessory or an assembly of wires fabricated to transmit electricity and telecommunication signals from one device to another or from within the device. There are many types of cables been used all around for and ribbon cables are either one of the type.  If we elaborate it, ribbon cables are the type of cables that holds set of many conducting wires running parallel on a common plane imparting the shape of “ribbon” hence the name is been given. . Ribbon cables are called out by the number of conductors called “ways” and the spacing between them known as “pitch” whereas the most common pitch is 0.050 inches. These cables allow simultaneous transmission of multiple data. Each strand of ribbon cable houses 4 to 12 wires (can extend up to 80) and manipulate for interconnection of different devices, typically ribbon cables are utilize to connecting the motherboard with the CPU.

ribbon-cablesSince the cables are the system’s lifeline, i.e. If a cable fails the entire system can stop functioning. So the cable has to be engineered in a way that it could last the life of product in any environemnt. Harsh environment here may includes variable temperatures, chemical abrasion and extensive flexing etc. Ribbon cables serves following features in harsh environment.


Ribbon cables are flexbile to a greater extent when bent in the plane of its thin cross-section. This flexibility of ribbon cables are utlizied where ceaseless and high flexing is required like doors, rotating arms etc.

“Variation of Temperatures”

Because of different jacketing ribbon cables can endure temperature variations very well, it can handle high temperature up to 260oC and low temperature to an extent of -65OC.

“Water Resistance”

Ribbon cables offers water repelling characteristics either, consequently ribbon cables are impervious to high humidity, fungus and damp operating environments.

“Chemical Resistance”

When provided with particular shielding, it imparts ribbon cables ability to resist chemicals like alcohols, acids and de-ionized water.


Proper jacketing on ribbon cables makes them to withstand low humidity level or extremely dry weather conditions.

If we conclude the whole thing, it significantly imparts the idea that ribbon cables and more particularly flat ribbon cables can hold up in extreme weather conditions or what we called harsh environments. Therefore ribbon cables can be incorporated in the list of cables prioritize to be used in harsh environments. 

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