It is not so uncommon if you get lost in understanding the whole plethora of all the different kinds, types of RF connectors out there today. Therefore, it is necessary to have comprehensive knowledge to learn about them and if you are in any of audio, video, digital, RF and microwave industries. I will try to cover the gender, polarity of various RF connectors with helpful images to help you identify various types of connectors.


RF (Radio Frequency) connectors are in wide spread use in many electrical products, such as TV, radio, surge protectors, coaxial cables, and antennas. They come in various types, however, some of the most common types



Type N  UHF(PL259)  TNC & Reverse Polarity TNC

Type N                   UHF (PL259)            TNC & Reverse Polarity TNC



BNC                     SMA                     SMB

Reverse Polarity SMA  F seriesFME series

Reverse Polarity SMA          F series             FME series

Gender & Polarity

Typically, as you might have already guessed, there are “male” and “female” connectors and there are some key points to remember when dealing with polarity:

  • When connecting a plug and jack, make sure that both are of the same polarity. For instance, the plug and the jack should both be of the same types i.e. SMA or RPTNC
  • Usually RF plugs and jacks are respectively male and female.
  • Inside an RF plug (male), the treads are on the inside of the shell
  • Inside an RF jack (female), the threads are on the outside of the shell
  • And the shell of RF jack (female) is covered by that of the plug (male)

Based on the above points:

  • The center pin of a standard polarity male plug sticks out from the middle and the threads are on the inside.

an SMA plug, typically found on the end of a coaxial cable

Figure 1: an SMA plug, typically found on the end of a coaxial cable

  • A female jack on the other hand, has a socket in the middle to be connected with the center pin from the male plug and the shell of the female jack has its threads on the outside.

A standard polarity female SMA jack

Figure 2: A standard polarity female SMA jack

Wish it will enable you to identify and differentiate between various RF connectors, its gender and polarity. At ourPCB, we have many of these different RF connectors available to meet your needs. Stay connected with us for more such products.

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