Reusable Surgical Cable AssemblyNowadays, surgery had become a very expensive treatment. It needs a lot of electrical appliances to get attached to the electronic machinery. Surgical treatments have switched to automated instructive methodology. All the procedural methods which were conducted by a physician manually has now being transferred to automated robotics. Most of the part of surgery is operated by the robotic arms.

Surgical Cable Assemblies have to be best in quality, adjustable in compatibility and highly competent in its working throughout the machine. It must have the ability to withstand high pressures, humidity, and variable temperatures while keeping the signal integrity and avoiding moisture ingress. Surgical Cable must know that signal integrity must remain safe. It is because that even a slight change electrical signal and change the interpretation of the signal conditioning.

Sterilization and Biocompatibility

Surgical Cable Assemblies must be able to meet the specifications for sterilization and biocompatibility. It should be flexible in design, satisfy the design needs, combining high performance, light weight, and ergonomics. However, the concept of using reusable surgical cable assemblies is quite interesting.

Characteristics of Surgical Cable

Reusable Surgical Cable Assembly 02Reusable Surgical cable assemblies consists of the use of multiple-used cables means miles of copper wire will not become waste. It does not involve any PVC in the cables and clamps. It is compatible with virtually all electrosurgical generators. These reusable surgical cable assemblies have chemical resistance and can be cleaned easily after use with a wide variety of cleaning materials; they can also be exposed to the ETO sterilization process but must be aerated for 16 hours after ETO sterilization.

Environmental impact resistant

Reusable Surgical Cable Assembly 03These reusable cable assemblies have heavy-duty, impact resistant surface to stand-out the excess environmental conditions. The low profile and smooth clamp assembly helps decrease the likelihood of skin trauma. Employs the “torturous path” concept in its design giving it a holding force that is secure and safe.

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