Cords in electronics applications have their own significance. They have certainly responded to make the machines human friendly. It has eased the transfer of signal in modern electronic devices. Flexible coil cables have certainly enhanced the ease in interacting instruments. Making electronics human environment friendly was more of a headache than challenge. It has to make sure the application should remain mobile, operation and shall be able to transfer the electrical signals accurately.

Retractile Coil CordsRetractile coil cords provide the perfect blend of flexibility and industrial strength to meet your flexing power needs. The heavy-duty polyurethane TPE jacket provides excellent protection from industrial and environmental abuse by resisting tearing, abrasion, oils, ozone, UV rays, and most chemicals. The conductors are insulated with a material that has a low coefficient of friction, which allows them to flex within the cable and provide one of the most chemically resistant compounds on the market.

The conductors are also finely stranded and tinned to resist corrosion and make them easy to solder. This overall unique construction provides a durable yet lightweight design offering superior coil retention and “snappiness.” Making these retractile coil cords lightweight in design make them more reliable in its usage.

Following are some of these retractile coil cords been used in the industry.

  • Sootblower Cable

Retractile Coil Cords 02Sootblower cable that is designed to survive the harsh industrial environments where boilers and furnaces are found. It has ideal properties for the long, retractable sootblower application. Since it is designed from a lighter, durable material, the cable creates a smaller, tighter coil allowing for a more compact design. The long-term coil retention design eliminates the need to align the coils, resulting in less downtime.

  • High-Flex Ultra-Coil Retractiles

Retractile Coil Cords 03High flex ultra-coil retractile cables are also called highly flexible cables and ultra-flexible cables. They are built for extreme flexing and rigorous performance conditions.  High flex wire and cable can withstand continuous flexing up to and exceeding a 10 million flex cycles. 

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