Electrical cables have always been known for transmission of power from one point to another. It has been installed at different places, and in different applications fields. It doesn´t matter if you are looking for cables with or without total copper screening, for spring and motor cable reels, lifting appliances, transport systems, agricultural machines with medium or elevated mechanical stress or as control cable for crane arms, electrical cables have successfully emerged in almost every industry.

Reeling CablesElectrical cables do come in every shape and size, but all of its transformations are according to the requirement of the application. Sometimes, there are applications that should have high-quality compounds to provide excellent service and long-term reliability. Reeling cables are extremely resistant and flexible.

Reeling Cable that has the flexibility and strength of high-quality. Reeling cables are also available with a smaller diameter and lighter weight to reduce wear and tear on reels, connectors and the cable itself. The embedded braid provides greater than 1,800 pounds of tensile load which practically eliminates “corkscrewing” under tension.

Following are some of the different types of reeling cables used in the market.

  • Heavy-Duty High Flex Crane Reeling CableReeling Cables 02

High Flex Crane Cable was designed specifically for crane and reeling applications. The cable features an aramid reinforcing braid embedded in the centre of the dual-pass jacket providing added strength. The internal design is constructed for dynamic applications with the use of low-friction separators and left-hand conductor lay, and lay-lengths optimized for flexing.

  • Basket-Crane Reeling CableReeling Cables 03

Basket-Crane Cable is designed for gravity fed crane systems. Sometimes called “bologna cable,” constructed using a heavy-duty polyurethane jacket that provides excellent protection against abrasion, chemicals and UV light. An aramid fibre braid supplies additional strength and support to extend cable life.

  • Reduced Diameter Extra Heavy-Duty Reeling CableReeling Cables 04

Reduced Diameter Extra Heavy-Duty (EHD) Reeling Cable is a specially designed 600V reeling cable with aramid reinforced dual pass jacket. The aramid braid is rated at 1,800 lbs tensile strength for heavy-duty applications. This cable also has conductor insulation for very low coefficient of friction and superior dielectrics.

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