Rainbow Flat CableFlat Cables are widely used because of their benefits such as flexibility, reliability, reduced skewing effects, mass termination, ease of handling, greater strength, and consistent electrical characteristics. Flat cables look like a ribbon and they are available in rectangular shapes. They are made up of wires running parallel to each other and terminate at one point. Their flexibility allows them to be used in confined spaces and other areas where there is a chance of bending or twisting of other traditional wires.

What are rainbow flat cables?

Rainbow flat cables consist of colorful ribbon like cables in a rectangular flat shape. To identify the conductors visibly, the rainbow flat cables have different colors for each of them. These conductors are individually color coded which make it easier to identify them. All the conductors are pulled in parallel and have different color combinations and codes. Some rainbow flat cables have the color code in this format: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, white, black, and this code keeps on repeating. These cables are common now and engineers look forward to use them in many items because of their performance and reliability.

Advantages of rainbow flat cables:

Rainbow flat cables are color coded and that’s what makes the individual conductors easy to be identified. Because the conductors of these cables are aligned in a flat plane, they are very easy to bend and used in confined spaces. The biggest benefit of these cables is that they offer easy termination because of controlled and fixed spaces. The rainbow flat cables occupy very less space and as compared to the round cables and thus, they can be used in spaces where there is only a small space available. Since the conductor spacing is fixed the electrical characteristics such as capacitance, impedance, inductance, attenuation, time delay, and cross talk are also consistent.

Applications of rainbow flat cables:

Flat cables are mostly used for internal wiring of electronic equipment such as computers. The rainbow flat cables are used with printers, computers, CD drives, mass termination of IDC connectors, sorting equipment, connector applications, and internal wiring of electronic devices and equipment. These cables are also used to connect the moving heads automated termination equipment, print heads, robotics, measurement equipment, and medical equipment. The rainbow flat cables are used mostly in those equipment where space is a big constraint because these cables use very less space and have different conductor counts and pitches.

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