Electrical applications in medical industry has clearly revolutionized the field. It has reduced the risk element, enhanced measuring standards and have created different diagnostic methodologies. Electrical cables which are being used in the medical applications needs to be of top-notch quality. For better results standards electrical cables are used in virtually every area of medical monitoring and diagnostics. Diagnostic measures related to blood pressure and the use of pressure monitoring devices and pressure monitoring cables is discussed as follows.

Pressure Monitoring CablesWhat is a Sphygmomanometer?

The most commonly used medical diagnostic device used is a sphygmomanometer. The sphygmomanometer is a device that can measure blood pressure. By observing the mercury in the column while releasing the air pressure with a control valve, one can read the values of the blood pressure in mm Hg. The peak pressure in the arteries during the cardiac cycle is the systolic pressure, and the lowest pressure (at the resting phase of the cardiac cycle) is the diastolic pressure.

What is blood pressure?

The human heart is a muscular pump. When it is contracting (heartbeat) it pushes blood through blood vessels called arteries. The pushing force exerted on artery walls by the blood flow is called blood pressure. The pressure is dependent on the rate and force at which the heart is contracting (heartbeat) and also on the diameter and elasticity of the walls of the arteries. High blood pressure puts a lot of stress on the blood vessels and the heart. It is important to monitor and if necessary reduce the blood pressure to prevent damage to the blood vessels and the heart.

Pressure Monitoring Cables 02Digital Pressure Monitoring Meters

Monitoring devices that could measure accurate blood pressure and report it to the user becomes a good source to have a complete check on blood pressure of a patient. Digital meters employ oscillometric measurements and electronic calculations rather than auscultation. They may use manual or automatic inflation, but both types are electronic, easy to operate without training, and can be used in noisy environments.

Pressure Monitoring Cables

Pressure Monitoring Cables 03Pressure Monitor Cables provide the interface between transducers and virtually all pressure monitor models, ensuring that it accurately monitors patient vitals. These pressure monitoring cables monitor-end connectors match standard keying and colors.  Besides single pressure monitoring cables, multi-channel bifurcated (two-channel) and trifurcated (three-channel) pressure monitoring cables are available which simplify set-up and help reduce clutter.

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