Overmolded Cable Assembly

An overmolded cable assembly merge the connector and cable in a single pattern. A molten material is presented into a frame cavity, which adopts its form on cooling. The color of the molten substantial can be competitive to the color of equipment or cable jack being utilized.  The characteristics of material used for overmolding are rubber, ABS plastic, PVC, PP, PE and macro melt. Given below are four key features of an over molded cable assembly.

  1. Protection from harsh weather elements and abrasion: Throughout overmolding, all complex electrical elements are encapsulated, which makes them impervious to harsh weather and Abrasion. Thus, overmolded cables are considered economical as compared to conventional cables with EMI foil and black shell. In many industries, overmolded cables are often used quiet roughly. So a basically the application environment and the appropriate material to be utilized will help an overmolding assembly producer to manufacture the prefect product. For example, Polyurethane is used for overmolding cable assemblies utilized in the military and healthcare divisions. Polyurethane is abrasion resilient, has a high load capacity, and can endure high temperature.
  2. Customization: An overmolded cable assembly is customizable. There variations and combinations for wire types, style, material, and colors options are vast.  Imprints, shapes, configurations, and custom colors allow OEMs to attain the highest aesthetic criteria. A modified overmolded cable may have a company name or logo.
  3. Improved Shelf Life: Overmolded cable assemblies have a better shelf life than traditional cables since the overmolding purposes complete stress relief, high pull power, and pliable support at the cable exit.
  4. Compact Integration and Lighter Equipment: Over molded electronic assemblies are compact and allow OEM to reduce size and cost of their equipment when compared to traditional cable assemblies. In addition overmolding allows PC board assemble, reverse polarity protection diodes or inclusion of circuit analysis resistors and more. 
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