Electrical cable assemblies are one of its kind when it comes to providing diverse services. These electrical cables are present from a small bot to a large space unit. The ability to transmit data at high speed, the accuracy by which signals transmit/receive Over Molded Assemblieseach other. A lot of the times electrical cables are being bragged about for high speed data transmission however, these electrical cables have endless limitations.

Significance of Electrical cables

Electrical cables are there to power devices. It is used in building large transmission networks. It helps to endure the efficiency of medical field, as it allows accurate transmission of electrical signal providing hand in medical equipment. Leading from heavy machinery towards low level delicate procedures, electrical cables has emerged themselves as the most significant element of modern technology.

Over Molded Assemblies 02Over Molded Assemblies

One of the abundantly used electrical cable assemblies would be called as “Over Molded Assemblies”. Over molding, or Injection Molding, is a process that utilizes molten plastic material injected into a mold cavity; this solidifies into a shape that conforms to the contour of the mold. This makes it possible to encapsulate almost any product in any shape with variables in material, color, and finish.

Two-Cavity System

In most cases, a two-cavity system is implemented to increase throughput. Each cavity can be identical to form the same parts, Over Molded Assemblies 03or can be unique to form different aspects of the part during a single cycle. A typical application would include a pre-shot of natural (non-colored) materials followed up with a colored, finished, outer mold.

Over Molded assemblies designed for today’s sophisticated applications. Whether you are looking for over molded cable assemblies that can withstand harsh or demanding environments or have performance parameters that must be met for your industry, over molded cable assemblies can withstand and deliver according to your requirements.

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