Orthopedic Cable SystemThe Orthopedic Cable System consists of two different-sized Orthopaedic cables compress in three different materials and new instruments for applying the cable assembly. The cable assemblies are available for stainless steel and titanium implant indications. They are designed for use with the cerclage Positioning Pins for limited-contact dynamic compression plate (LC-DCP) and Locking Compression Plate (LCP) and Hex Buttons. This system is fully compatible with all Synthesis plates and screws.

The main objective of development was to design an instrument that works in a natural way, which simplifies handling and decreases application errors.

Features & Benefits

  • Orthopedic Cable System 02Dimensions of Orthopaedic cable are 1.0mm and 1.7mm diameters with an (8 x 7) + (1 x 19) weave for greater flexibility and control
  • Material for Assemblies are 316L stainless steel, titanium alloy, and L605 cobalt chromium alloy with titanium crimp
  • Compatible with all Synthesis stainless steel or titanium plates and screws
  • Includes Cerclage positioning pins, Crimp positioning pins, and cerclage eyes

Standard Cerclage Technique for Selection:Orthopedic Cable System 03

Use of cerclage positioning pins for LCP, DCP, and LC-DCP:

These pins are used for prosthetic fracture fixation with plates when screws are not an option. The positioning pins guarantee the stable positioning of the cable on the plate.

 Position plate and drill pilot hole

Mount cerclage positioning pin

Insert cerclage positioning pin in plate hole

Use of cerclage eyes for screws:Orthopedic Cable System 04

These are used in cases where screws are unable to get a sufficient grip (e.g. in prosthetic fractures) or where monocortical screws are used with prostheses.

  • Mount cerclage eye
  • Insert cerclage eye

Use of threaded cerclage positioning pins for LCP:

These pins are used for LCP plates 3.5 and 4.5/5.0, where the locking screws cannot sufficiently grip. The cerclage positioning eyes guarantee the stable positioning of the cable on the plate

  • Mount the threaded cerclage positioning pin for LCP
  • Mount the cable

Note: Use a stainless steel cable only with stainless steel implants, and the CoCr cable only with TAN implants.

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