Cabling provides the essential path in between two electrically conductive elements. Electric circuits are incomplete without interconnecting electrical devices. To provide these interconnections definitely, electric cables plays a vital role.

OPGW CableDual Functioning Cables

However, there is some electric cable capable of providing dual functioning. An optical ground cable which is also known as “OPGW cables” serves two purposes. It is the type of cable which could be used in overhead power transmission cables. Another OPWG cable usage is that it can also be used in telecommunication where the cable is capable of sending and receiving the high-speed data transmission.

Construction of OPGW Cables

OPGW Cable 02OPGW Cables contains a tubular structure contain either one or more optical fibers in it, enclosed by a layer of steel and aluminum wire. The OPGW cables are used in high-voltage transmission poles. These cables are also used for grounding purposes. Similar cable also is attached along with the towers to keep them secure from lightning strikes. Its outside appearance is similar to the ACSR (Aluminum-conductor- a steel-reinforced cable which is usually used for shield cables.

OPGW cables can range in between 8 to 48 glass optical fibers placed inside a plastic tube. The tube is then inserted in a steel or aluminum with the negligible strain on the glass fiber. The steel strand provides strength, and aluminum provides better electrical conductivity. Due to the steel strands inside the construction of OPGW Cables, these cables can now withstand any type of environmental conditions. It must also be capable of handling electrical fault properly while the transmission.

OPGW Cable 03OPGW Cables as a communication medium

Optical Grounded wire is capable of being used in communication also because of the addition of optical fiber cable being enclosed in this cable. It is more efficient than the buried optical fiber cable. Easy installation and less cost of installation relative to the buried cable.

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