Multi-conductor Medical CableIn the medical field, every medical cable seems appropriate regardless of what’s inside the cable. A medical cable has to be more user-friendly, reliable and appealing to the surrounding atmosphere. In a medical cable, a major emphasis is on the appearance of the cable and its flexibility.

Every Electrical cable comprises of four main components which are as follows.Multi-conductor Medical Cable 02


     1) Number of conductors

     2) Size of Conductor

     3) Shielding and its types

     4) Outer sheath/ Insulation

These components are the building blocks of all the electrical cables. All these components integrate to form different electrical cables which could be used in different branches of industries. Technology has definitely affected every profession and has reduced the chance of error. Technology has certainly enhanced medical field limitations. Medical cables can be of various types and could be used in different applications. The different types are actually due to their different constructions. A difference between a single conductor and multi-conductor cable is quite comprehensive but some of the key points are as follows.

  • Single Conductor Medical CableMulti-conductor Medical Cable 03

As per the given name, a single conductor medical cable has a single central core and is constructed by wrapping copper/aluminum strands around the cable. Then these strands are insulated and a plastic jacket covers the medical cable just to keep cable insulated.

  • Multi-Conductor Medical Cable

The increase in the conductors actually increases the flexibility of the medical cable. The smaller the diameter the greater the flexibility. Shielding does increase the diameter of the cable, it also decreases the flexibility.

  • Cable TorqueMulti-conductor Medical Cable 04

The flexibility of the medical cable is essential as it is totally dependent on the torque of the cable. In the medical applications, if sometimes the patient needs to rotate or twist, a cable with low torque will be desirable.

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