Flat cables are designed to make it easier for the engineers to use them in confined spaces because they offer ease of handling. These cables can bend and fold easily and thus they are mostly used as interconnects for peripherals of the electronic equipment. There are various types of flat cables such as extruded flat cables, rainbow flat cables, and molded flat cables. The conducting wires are placed parallel to each other and are present in a protective material. These cables are considered as a better substitute for the round cables as the offer more flexibility and reliability.

Molded Flat CablesWhat are molded flat cables?

Molded flat cables have conductors stretched between a mold and pins and various additives are poured over them such as liquid silicone. To achieve good thickness, the molded flat cables are incorporated with multiple molds and once the cable is cured, it is cut out. After cutting out the cable from the mold, we get a molded flat cable with multiple holes and sharp edges. The holes are then filled and the cable has to be cured again. The molded flat cables are available in various thicknesses and the pouring and curing method make them very flexible. These cables are available in a length of maximum 6 feet.

What are the important features of molded flat cables?


The molded flat cables are the least expensive as compared to other flat cables because of the manual pouring process. Though the lead times are longer and due to the complex and lengthy manufacturing process, but the cost is lower than other flat cables.


The molded flat cables are very versatile and flexible and they can withstand extreme electrical environments. They are thin, and are available in compact packages so that they can various requirements and can be used in various confined spaces just like all the flat cables. They are available in various shapes, curves, and bends and thus they are very flexible.


The molded flat cables are very durable and strong as they are designed for harsh environments. They are very flexible and durable and can be used where added security and safety is needed.


Just like all the other flat cables, the molded flat cables also save space and are lightweight too. They are available in different configurations and are widely used as interconnectors for various peripherals of electronic equipment.

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