Molded and Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Molded and Overmolded Cable AssemblySo-Cal price delivered molded cable assemblies are designed for lengthy existence and dependable overall performance in an expansion of applications.  We manufacture a variety of molded cable assemblies along with directly, right-angle, or customer unique molded returned shells for one of a kind connectivity packages.  if your molded cable assemblies are rejecting at an unacceptable rate, you can have inherent problems that  overmold technique may take away additionally.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolding round connectors offers significant opportunities for product enhancements with stepped forward pressure and flex remedy. synthetic well, overmolding can improve performance and decrease general cost. Overmolding blessings provide the consumer with interesting opportunities for stress relief and stepped forward pull strength no longer available with conventional backshell designs.

The fashion towards overmolding round connectors continues to extend as using military-style circular connectors’ gains reputation in business environments. This fashion will benefit momentum. Overmolding is a plus because it enhances an already precise product and, often, could make it better at a lower value.

Types of Molded Cable Assemblies:

  • Electronic Assemblies
  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Coaxial Assemblies
  • Audio/Video/Multi-Media Assemblies
  • I/O Assemblies
  • Power Assemblies

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