Micro Coaxial CablesMicro Coaxial (MCX) is actually a smaller sized coaxial cable but it is widely used in a wide array of precision medical and cabling products. Because it comprises of multiple strands the coaxial cable is flexible and easy to install in the applications. It is required where high-reliability, high sensitivity, outstanding signal strength, specific bandwidth, capacitance, and impedance is required.

Mostly are customized cable designed are the one which is more efficient in providing data transmission efficiently because It is ideal for ultrasound probes, catheters, and advanced endoscopy along with other industrial applications where non-destructive inspection and testing are required. micro-coaxial cable is a market leader due in part to our proprietary high-strength alloys with outstanding low-loss characteristics. Ultra-thin insulators made from special fluorine resin enable smaller diameter cables with improved flexibility. There are two important types of Micro Coaxial Cables.

     1) High Capacitance Micro Coaxial CablesMicro Coaxial Cables 02

The capacitance of any cable is the ability of the cable to store charge. It may vary depending on the characteristics of the cable but it is addictive and is usually displayed either by per foot or per meter. One must know that the high capacitance cable must have low inductance. Higher the frequency, higher the amount of loss generated become more audible and amplified. However, there is no proper way of identifying high capacitance loss in the micro coaxial cable.

     2) Low Capacitance Micro Coaxial CablesMicro Coaxial Cables 03

The low capacitance cables must have a high inductance. Cables having low capacitance allows controlling the treble and unwanted noise. Comparatively, the lower capacitance cable will certainly have fewer cable losses than higher cable loss.

Features & Benefits – Micro diameter and super light weight – Excellent heat resistance and electric properties with fluorocarbon polymer insulation – Excellent mechanical strength and flexible performance with copper alloy conductor – Custom design of bundled cable for the required specification.

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