One of the oldest and cheapest forms of the cable assemblies till present is coaxial cables. The coaxial cable is a cable in which the conductor is composed within a dielectric medium which helps to enclose all the charge inside the conductor. This dielectric medium is usually made up by Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is derived from plastic, known to be an insulator.

Micro Coaxial CableInsulators are used in electrical equipment to support and separate electrical conductors without allowing to pass current through themselves. An insulating material used in bulk to wrap electrical cables or other equipment is called insulation.  However, there are certain parameters that helps to decide the performance and classification of electrical cable assemblies.

ConstructionMicro Coaxial Cable 02

Producing the same coaxial cable at a smaller size in regard to its electrical and physical parameters. It increases the portability issues of the cables and it also increases the amount of applications in which the cable assemblies is being used. Micro-Coax comes in two different capacitance ranges named as normal capacitance and low capacitance cable. Following is the technical specification for low capacitance micro coaxial cable.

Technical Specification

Low Capacitance Micro Coaxial Cable has a linear capacitance that ranges to 55pF/m ± 5 pF/m. It is very flexible with extremely good mechanical behavior. It has the ability to withstand miscellaneous sterilization processes. Its continuous operating voltage is 24 volts and has an operating temperature ranging from – 50°C to + 200°C.

ApplicationsMicro Coaxial Cable 03

Micro coaxial cables are used for medical applications it uses multiple fluorocarbon polymer monofilaments as a wrapped insulation layer surrounding the wire as opposed to the foam fluorocarbon polymer extruded directly over the wire. It is also in ultrasound scanning equipment and its cable assemblies. Micro coaxial cable assemblies designs enable reduced size, light weight and increased flexibility for ultrasound applications.

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