Technology has certainly enhanced the way things are carried out in almost every domain of the life. Medical field has been intrigued by the evolution of electronics and technology. Emergence of electronics in medical applications has certainly increased the efficiency and precision in the medical methodologies. It has matured the way of recording and analyzing data, patterns with the given suitable resources. Data transportation within a system is done using the integrated circuitry whereas data transportation between different devices needs electrical cabling.

Micro CablesMedical Sensing Devices

Electrical cables provide the channel between the medical sensors and the data projecting devices. The cables allows the system to work in a complete manner. The precision of medical equipment heavily depend on the type of electrical cables that are being used in the manufacturing of medical applications. Physical and electrical parameters of the cables does depend on size, shape of the application. However, these electrical cables require reliability, performance, flexibility, and higher density and EMI protection.

Micro Cables 02Micro Cables

Micro Cables assemblies as per its name assures that it is smaller in size, its shape is relatively smaller and the physical methodology used in the manufacturing is different. Micro cables assemblies might look small but it is efficient in its installation among the system. It allow an electrical system to communicate within the system by setting down with minimum required space and providing the high-speed data transmission rate.

Micro Cables 03Construction

Micro cables assemblies are available in a range of designs to meet the needs of virtually any air-blown installation. These electrical cables have different classifications depending upon its construction. This electronic cable consists of 528 elements and featuring extremely small overall diameter of 13.0 mm/0.51’’. Nowadays, micro cables assemblies which are being manufactured includes an OD as small as 0.19 mm/0.007.

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