Energy is essential for the development of countries. Electrical Systems has the tendency to create masterpieces either in the domain of any engineering technology. Every engineering application consumes energy and it could be in any discipline like in transport, telecom networks, oil and gas, nuclear power, automotive, electronics, handling, and automation.

Medium Voltage Parameters

Medium Voltage Power CablesIn all these applications and domains, the distribution of power matters a lot. Because of it the successful distribution of the power that allows integrating such integrated systems. There are different parameters which allow us to differentiate between the voltage power ranges. These cable having the specifications of transferring electricity in the range of 600 VAC to 690 VAC are said to be medium voltage power cables.


Medium Voltage Power Cables 02A medium voltage insulated cable comprises of single core cable or three core cables. A power cable generally is used to transmit power from one place to another. The transmission could be from the grid to the user. Usually, a single core cable comprises of three cables inside or a three cores cable with termination at each end to end. Even there is the addition of termination point on each core to connect it to switchgear or in the network.

  • Shared Duct: This cable is necessary to limit power cable shield current when power cable failures occur. Between manholes, the cable shall be installed in the same duct cell as power circuits. 
  • Splices: Splices in duct runs are unacceptable.
  • Medium Voltage Power Cables 03Bonding: At source and load ends of power cables, this cable shall be bonded to source and building grounding systems. Bonding shall be done with materials that are UL listed for grounding purposes. Where this grounding conductor is over 2000 feet in length and passes through manholes, it shall be bonded to the ground rod in the manholes every 2000 feet. Do not bond to ground rods on lengths under 2000 feet. The power cable shields of all spliced power cables shall also be bonded to the ground conductor.
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