Medical Fiber OpticsTechnology has certainly digitalized the environment around us. The major advantage that the digital signals provide is the precision and accuracy of measurement. It is very important that medical industry should also take precise measurements while dealing with their patients. The more precise reading is available, the easier the problem can be diagnosed.  Electrical cables which are used with the instruments to measure medical heart rate, and other medical terminologies. It is important that the device must transfer signal without zero or minimum attenuation.


The introduction of fiber optics in medical applications has provided a platform for high-speed data transmission. It has also Medical Fiber Optics 02reduced noise reduction as there is no room for electromagnetic interference. It is much lighter in weight and has the ability to withstand high temperatures up to 300̊. Optical fiber can easily be molded and placed under difficult installation places. Various optical fibers connectors are available with different optical connectors. The optical cable is in between the range of 80 µm- 125µm.


Optical Fiber consists of three major parts.

     1) Glass Core

The Core is a single strand of glass that’s measured in micron (µ) by the size of its diameter. The larger the core is the more light it can allow to pass, resulting in a higher transmission rate.

     2) Glass Clad

The Clad is a thin layer that surrounds the fiber core allowing data to travel throughout the length of the fiber segment.

     3) Coating

This is a layer of plastic that covers the core and the clad to keep them intact and protected. Coatings are also measured using the same unit microns (µ). It should fall in the range of 250 to 900 microns.

Medical Fiber Optics 03Applications

One of the most important application is the fiber-optic biomedical sensors used most commonly in ICP monitoring systems in the world. This device is based on the intensity modulating fiber-optic scheme relying on the miniature known as a transducer.

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