Medical Fiber Optic CablesFiber optics have been used in many different industries for many years by now. Fiber has the tendency to fulfill the required specifications for different applications. But because the construction of fiber is mainly related to light signals transmission, it makes it more flexible to get used in illumination applications, image bundles, light conductors, laser and for delivering light applications in different surgical, and instrumentation applications.

In medical applications, fiber optics is being used in applications that include light therapy devices, imaging devices, dental and surgical instrumentations, endoscopy, surgical microscopy and many other equipment related to medical field.Medical Fiber Optic Cables 02

Fiber Optics Customization Tendency

Because fiber optics is a composed cable structure it has so many applications. Still, there are certain applications that need specially customized medical fiber optics. Fiber optics as mentioned before is a composed cable, so it has been constructed in such a way that allows a high degree of customization and specialty product development. Due to the medium of the cable that is being used is fiber optics this allows endless opportunities in designing the exact product with the precise tolerance according to the requirement of the application.

Fiber Optics for Medical Devices

A large portion of fiber used in these applications support illumination as an integrated component of the device. It could also act individually as a light source. Medical devices actually used fiber optics for a variety of applications having a major focus on illumination, image transfer, and laser signal delivery.

Medical Fiber Optic Cables 03Customization automatically enhance the limitation of the cable that is being used in the applications. Following is the list of the medical devices in which specifically custom designed fiber optics are being used.

  • Examination lights
  • FO headlight
  • Vet otoscope
  • Laryngoscope (blade illumination)
  • Otoscope
  • Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Microscope illumination
  • Heart catheter
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