Medical Dental SystemMedical field is so vast that it contains many different domains in it. It is a collaboration of the study of heart, muscles, eyes, throat, limbs, body, and many other that cannot be even counted. However, here the importance will be given to the revolution that technology has brought to the dental system. A medical dental system is actually digitalization the simple dental system. The digitalization is providing a dramatic change in dentistry and reduces the risk of losing customers. The digitalization in the medical dental system not only provides the most versatile comfort level for treatment atmosphere but also the patient experience no discomfort while changing its position.

The medical dental system allows maximum relaxation both for the doctor and the patient. Regardless of the movement, it provides both left and right handed easy approach to the doctor to place the operating equipment. The equipment has the ability to carry out the majority of dental treatments which are such fillings, bridges, prosthetic, root canal therapy, extraction of teeth and diagnosis. All these dental treatments encourage prevention of oral diseases. It also helps to reduce the risk element of many other major diseases. Such dental system needs a well-organised integrated system, interconnected to work simultaneously in an efficient way. The transmission of signal is of utmost importance to the dental system. It is achieved using different types of electronic cables that could easily merge with the needs of the equipment and enhance its productivity.

     1) Fluorine Plastic CablesMedical Dental System 02

Fluorine Plastic heat resistive cables are extensively used in such medical systems. It is suitable for AC voltage 0.6/  1 KV and has the maximum working temperature of 200 ̊C and minimum working temperature is – 40 ̊C.

   2) Torsion Cables

Torsion cable is used to transmit control signals and power for high-speed, heavy-duty automated applications. Torsion cables are made to be twisted without sustaining damage.

     3) Hybrid Torsional Cables:Medical Dental System 03

Connection cables used for industrial applications with medium mechanical stress; great for continuous twisting and bending

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