In medical applications, a free transmission of data is its paramount objective. The lives of people which are being operated on the basis of the data collected from such machines thoroughly depend upon it. Stability and sustainability in the performance of the machine is really essential. In order to maintain high standards of medical electronic equipment, there is a need of proven and reliable medical connectors and harnesses to be used.

Medical electronic equipment covers almost a major part of medical field. These equipment are used in diagnostic devices, surgical instruments, therapy applications, dental, cardiac assisting applications, and also used in disposable equipment. Medical connectors and harnesses product line includes serializable, reusable, hybrids, as well as cost-effective disposable connectors.Medical Connectors and Harnesses

Following are some important medical connectors used in medical applications.

     1) Radio-frequency connectors

A manufacturer of standard coaxial and triaxle radio-frequency (RF) connectors offers a custom design service for adapting these products into nonstandard medical connectors for use in specialized medical equipment.  Capable of operating at temperatures ranging from –65° to 165°C, the customizable RF connectors are suitable for use in such medical applications as cochlear ear implants, RF cancer treatment, RF ablation, biomedical test equipment, and bionics.

     2) Disposable plastic connectorsMedical Connectors and Harnesses 02

Disposable receptacle as part of its line of specialized plastic disposable connectors designed for use with electrosurgical devices. The receptacle features an average retention force of 150 N, withstands 1000 latching cycles, and features a working temperature range of –50° to 150°C.

     3) Hybrid circular connector-and-receptacle systemMedical Connectors and Harnesses 03

Combining optical and electrical signaling in one connector, hybrid circular mechanical transfer (MT) cable-and-receptacle system minimizes the number of connectors required by medical equipment and devices. Other system features include connector housings engineered from a choice of metal or medical-grade polymer, an expanded-beam MT ferrule option to reduce optical loss due to contamination, and fiber counts ranging from 1 to 24 fibers per ferrule.

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