Medical Cables and ConnectorsIn order to design and manufacture interconnect products and systems of the highest quality, designing of the electrical devices is done by integrating the best of the electronic components. To make sure that the product lasts long, it is necessary that it has the potential to meet high demanding standards.  Manufacturing of medical devices is quite similar to this scenario. Medical cables and medical connectors must provide absolute reliability under the most critical and stressful hospital and emergency situations.

Following are a list of medical cables being used.

Din Lead Wires

Medical DIN Lead Wire is about creating highest quality custom medical cables which includes ECG cables and lead wires, Patient Monitoring cable assemblies, custom connectors and complex harness assemblies. It provide cost effective OEM solutions from prototype to high volume production.

Lumen and Multi-Lumen Medical CablesMedical Cables and Connectors 02

It has the capacity to extrude and terminate Single and Multi-Lumen cable assemblies with electrical conductors and custom over moulds for strain reliefs on connectors or yokes. Common applications include:

  • Medical Devices
  • Sensors
  • Dental Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Automation Equipment

Thermocouple/RF Generator AssembliesMedical Cables and Connectors 03

The thermocouple cable assemblies specifically designed for Endovenous Ablation or other Tissue Ablation medical devices precision soldering to 2 conductor pairings of Chromel-Alumel, Copper-Constantan, Iron-Constantan, Chromel-Constantan wire requires a specific skill set that our manufacturing engineers and line staff have perfected. This special combination of technique and process control makes OCP the right solution for your needs.

Following are some of the medical connectors which are being used nowadays.

Lemo Type 1 Matting Medical ConnectorsMedical Cables and Connectors 04

During the last several years the Type I and similar circular connectors have gained popularity in the disposable Single Use Device (SUD) market. Other medical connectors from Hirose, Lemo-Redel and ODU have also been widely accepted in the market. This series of medical connectors are simple to use, foolproof, reliable. The series makes connections effortless by having a simple push-button latch, also available colour coding.

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