Medical Industry is all about the integration of the medical instruments. These medical instrument when paired with technology become more precise in their measurements. Less prone to risks and become more mature as a medical device. But the things that is important the most to make a medical device integrate with other are the medical cables. Medical cables are actually the basic integrating channel that allows these medical devices to communicate between them.

Medical CableConstruction of Medical Cables

Medical cables are constructed using stranded copper and high strength copper alloy conductors as well as precision shielding and jacketing technology, and work together to provide highly flexible, durable and reliable Medical Wire and Medical Cable Assemblies. Most of the times, cables in the medical system is being overlooked. However, this is not exactly when it comes to seek a better performance for medical devices.

There are two major products which are used in medical cables.

     1) Hookup Wire

     2) Multi-conductor Cable

 Medical Cable 02Hookup Wire:

Hookup Wires are actually used for the applications consisting of low currents and voltages. These wires are used to provide resistance to various elements. These wires have the tendency to perform under a lot of heat. So, that means that even under high temperature the hookup wire performs and deliver according to its specifications. Hookup wire has been brought up with an idea of self-extinguishing and can be installed easily even in the crappy environments.

Multi-conductor Cable:

Medical Cable 03Multi-conductor Cable is far better than a single conducting cable. It provides flexibility in the cable design and make it easier to fit in the different difficult installation places. Due to multiple conductor usage, it has the tendency to keep functioning even at high temperature. Electrical noise is reduced in the multi-conductor cable if compared with the single conductor cable.

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