Electronics and technology has truly revolutionized the medical system. It has not only enhanced the whole operations, remedies and diagnosis are carried away. It has also automated the formation of medicines. This automation has improved the medical system and has reduced the amount of diseased patients by a huge number. Digitalization allows to control it because it allows us the ability to count it. The record of the diseases for the patient allows the physician to see not only the big pictures but also the nitty gritty details of the patient.

Data Storage Facility in Medical Cable System

Medical System has another important feature of storing data and organizing a systematized collection of patients and population which is accessible in a digital format. These records can be shared across different health care centers. Electronic medical system include demographics, medical history, medications, allergies and personal statistics.Medical Cable System

In order to maintain system in such a sustainable form, intelligent wiring in all medical technical application is needed. During the process of diagnosis, there is a need of flexible cables and cable harness which can transmit excellent recording quality images and data. In the therapy units, it is of paramount importance to have the greatest possible comfort available for the patient. In the patient monitoring department, robust cables are required because they have the ability of reliable monitoring with alarm switching.

Ranges of Medical Cable Systems

The medical cable systems has tremendous range for the electrical cables which can be classified according to the use in its applications.

     1) Hybrid CablesMedical Cable System 02

     2) Fiber Optics Cables

     3) Measurement and control Cable

     4) Coaxial and high-frequency Cables

     5) Data Cables

     6) Miniature Cables

     7) ECG/EEG/MEG Cables

     8) Ultrasound CablesMedical Cable System 03

     9) Endoscopy Cables and Systems

     10) Patient monitoring Cables

     11) Antimicrobial Cables

     12) Cleanroom Cables

     13) High-Speed Data Cables

     14) Flat Cables

     15) Wire and Strands

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